Our mission  

Feneco has the ambition to be recognized as the leader in the manufacturing and installation of doors and windows in Quebec. This is possible thanks to an integrated supply and a team of well-experienced professionals who are committed to fully satisfying the client. The company wishes also to become a benchmark in the industry of doors and windows through its innovating practices in favor of sustainable development.

Our history

Specialized in the manufacturing of PVC and wood windows since 1977, as well as their products registered as Énergy star, Feneco offers a range of diverse windows. Since the spring of 2001, the company has designed and marketed a new hybrid and high-end window, composed of PVC from inside, for its thermal performance, and of extruded aluminum from outside, which is ideal for its increased rigidity and a longer lifetime.

In 2016, Feneco decides to innovate in partnership with its PVC extruder, in order to manufacture a colored window at an affordable price. Consequently, the laminated PVC window has seen the light: a PVC window with a laminated membrane from outside.

Therefore, thanks to its renown knowhow since almost 50 years and its relentless desire to innovate, Feneco offers finished products as resistant as aluminium for a fraction of the cost.